Container Depot Complex

The WG Warehouse and Container Depot complex, built on 13 acres of industrial land located 7kms from Suva port, provides a wide range of services for our clients.

There are two tilt slab buildings which are 82m long and 23m wide. Each one is divided into three separate fire-walled warehouses.

The complex also has a three-storey office block that enables all our operators to be based close to the action and to each other.

The warehouses and offices are home for seven separate operations: exports, imports and trans-shipment cargo, storage, household removals, supply chain management and records management.

At our Off Wharf Container Yard we provide bonded storage space for clients’ FCLs.

Our CRS Empty container depot, adjacent to these warehouses and located on five acres, has a capacity to store 1,200 TEUs (containers). It also has provision for the pre-tripping of refrigerated containers and the plug-in of up to 50 reefers.

An EDI computer system monitors the depot ensuring proper storage and recording of the location and movement of all containers on site.

The depot also includes a wash bay, survey area and a repair bay. Containers are cleaned and reefers are charged before leaving the depot.

For Biosecurity requirements, there is a designated fumigation area.