Our Mission

Our Mission: We seek to be the premier supplier of total logistics services in Fiji.

To achieve this – we will at all times:

  • Deliver superior quality service and good value for our clients.
  • Tailor our products to precisely meet the needs of our clients.

To meet these goals we will:

  • Impress our clients by our responsiveness and communications and clear and honest dealings.
  • We will stay close to our clients.
  • Encourage team spirit, and an open management style and a process of performance measurement and continuous improvement.
  • Train and retrain our staff to make full use of technology to enhance our services.

To enhance our position in the long term, we will:

  • Provide a good return for our shareholders after providing for growth and re-investment based on our earnings.
  • Encourage staff performance by sharing in the benefits of profit.

Remain involved with the community as good corporate citizens advancing with our country by export led growth.