Destination Fiji

This guide (Destination Fiji) is intended to help make your move to Fiji as trouble free and enjoyable as possible. There are many permits, procedures and considerations for a successful move and we try to provide key details on that, but then we move on to a description of the country – climate, history, the people, and so on.

Some Customs and other formalities are relevant to some immigrants and some procedures may not be, so this guide begins with standard procedures such as permits (e.g. work permits) applicable to all, and cascades down to items less often applicable, such as for the importation of vehicles and animals. Just click on the items relevant to your intended plans.

The information provided is current at the time of publication but laws and regulations change frequently and while this information is provided as a guide it cannot cover all aspects of the detail. We provide website addresses under links on the main page, where more precise details can be sourced directly from government departments and authorities.

You can access the site here: