Bonded Container Yard

A Bonded Container Yard with Customs Approval, has been allocated within the Wailekutu complex to provide clients with storage space for break bulk as well as 20’ and 40’ containers.

The enclosure measures 60 metres by 60 metres, with 24-hour security, an 8 metre high fence and CCTV cameras with full coverage.

Clients can store their shipment at no cost for the first three days and then pay a reasonable fee for the remaining time they keep it in the yard. This can be for an extended time, depending on Customs’ approval.

An alternative for clients is to leave their container(s) at the wharf after offloading until delivery to the destination. Wharf storage costs and handling may encourage some clients to shift their containers to the WG bonded container yard.

All client containers at the wharf and at the Bonded Container Yard are classified as underbond cargo with custom clearance procedures required. Once cleared WG can transport the containers to client requested destinations.