WG Genera (Pacific) Ltd – Fumigation

WG Genera Pacific Limited is a joint venture company that provides fumigation, hygiene and pest control services in Fiji, as an added operation in the WG range of logistics services for containerised and LCL and bulk shipments.

This also helps to ensure that unwanted pests and invasive species do not enter our country.

While fumigation is primarily targeted at containers, bulk and loose cargo, it is also required for all wooden crates and pallets unless stamped with an ISPM 15 endorsement.

The fumigation process takes up to 24 hours, usually in a container that is securely covered and injected with methyl bromide that eliminates the importation of unwanted pests.

WG Genera also offers pest control and hygienic services for companies, hotels, supermarkets and households, as well as local and international vessels. Recently this capability was advanced dramatically when Genera Pacific Ltd provided environmentally protective fumigation for very large bulk wood-chip export shipments.

For more information please feel free to visit their webpage at WG Genera Pacific Ltd.